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Thinking of a Garage. Ensure You View Before Buying

Capital Steel Garages Capital Steel Garage

Single, Double, Treble Garages
Bespoke Designs & Sizes
Steel Garage Portfolio
Up to 25 Years Warranty
(Full Details)
Photo Galley of Garages
Choice of Colours
Steel Garage Display Site
Insulated Garages Option
Delivery in Northampton
Height of Garages to Suit

Lidget Concrete Garages Lidget Concrete Garage

Apex or Pent Concrete Garages
Large Range of Garages
Optional Assembly
(Full Details)
Available in Northampton
Choice of Colours & Cladding
Thicker Concrete than Others
Superb 10 Years Warranty
FREE Gutters and Downpipes
Concrete Garages Display Site
7ft Garage Eaves Heights

Platinum Timber Garages Platinum Supreme Apex or Pent Wooden Garages  for your car

Any size. Bespoke Designs
FREE Assembly
Delivered in Northampton
Fully Pressure Treated
Redwood (NOT whitewood)
(Full Details)
Tanalised Timber. Designed Not To Rot for 15 Years
Optional ply lining, Electrics, Insulation and Lining, Gutters.
Timber Garage Display Site

Helpful Guidance When Buying Concrete, Steel or Timber Garages

 Buying Advice when Purchasing a Timber or Wooden Garage, Steel or Concrete Garage 

Timber, Wooden, Steel or Concrete Garages Check List Before Buying

A domestic garage for your garden in Northampton is a priceless addition. Besides being a safe haven for your car a garage will add value to your property and make it more attractive to potential buyers. However, the key to ensuring you have make the best choice is to do your homework.

You will find that there are many concrete garages, wooden garages or steel garages available for you to choose from, however, you will find the quality of some can be questionable at best. This is why you need to talk to a garage expert and also, most importantly to view the garage, whether it is concrete, wooden, timber or steel.

1st Choice have been involved in manufacturing of garages since 1979 so you can be sure they know their stuff. More importantly they have taken the conscious decision to invest in a garage display site, conveniently situated near Junction 10 of the M25, so you can view a timber garage along side a concrete garage and a steel garage so you can make an informed decision as to what garage will suit you the best in your location in Northampton.

Don't make an expensive mistake when you buy your new concrete, timber, wooden or metal garage.

1st Choice Garages News Stories

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The Length of the Garage Warranty is Vitally Important

Besides ensuring that you buy the correct timber garage, steel garage or concrete garage it is also important that the garage company offers a long guarantee to give you peace of mind. The very minimum you should aim for is for at least 10 years.

This will ensure your new garage in Northampton will have a very long life and you will find that all reputable quality garage companies will offer this as a minimum. Any less than this and you will need to give some thought as to why not.

You will find that 1st Choice Leisure Buildings offers as standard at least 10 years on the Capital Steel & Lidget concrete garages. Platinum timber garages designed not to rot for 15 years. This comes from their long experience in the manufacture and retailing of garages throughout Northampton.

DON'T accept any less than 10 years guarantee for your peace of mind..

View BEFORE Buying at a Garage Display Site

Most garage internet retailers don't offer any option to view the garage before delivery and, also, don't make any attempt to set up any garage display areas. This is wrong as I feel it's vital that when you are spending a great of money on a new concrete, steel, timber or wooden garage that you know what you are buying.

This means viewing the garage before making that important decision, or at the very least ensuring that the company you are thinking of buying from offers a garage display site allowing the public to view.

Clearly when the garage company has the confidence to show their products for close scrutiny then this is, ALWAYS, a good sign. 1st Choice Leisure Buildings have a garage display site near Heathrow Airport as well as a concrete garage display area near Guildford in Surrey especially for this purpose where garages can be viewed for delivery in Northampton. Also at this display site near Heathrow you can view a range of timber sheds, garden studios and heavy duty workshops.

Always Visit a Concrete, Timber, Wooden or Metal Garage Display Area Before Buying, Wherever Possible.

1st Choice Capital Steel Garages News Stories

 Brownfield site law change would be welcomed by some. Councillors in Watford would welcome more powers to prevent the redevelopment of gardens rather than Brownfield sites, which may have once housed a Capital Light Industrial Steel Building. Backyards are currently bracketed with derelict industrial buildings and factories under the category of Brownfield sites, reports the Watford Observer. Developers can...

Check Garages Companies Feed Back

A good guide as to how good a garage company is to check feedback provided by their customers. HOWEVER, it's vital to ensure that the feedback is totally independent as many internet garage companies control what appears on their site. 1st Choice Leisure Buildings uses the service of FeeFo which is totally independent of 1st Choice.

Whatever the customer says, good or bad, is published on the web for all to view. This can not be changed under any circumstances so is a true reflection of the quality of their garages and treatment of their customers throughout Northampton.

You can view 1st Choice Leisure Buildings' feedback on this page.

For Sale Platinum, Lidget & Capital Garages in the Northampton area

Web visitors to 1st Choice Leisure Buildings web site can view their range of timber, concrete, steel and metal garages as well as all the technical specifications. All of which are available for delivery throughout Northampton. You can see the Platinum Wooden Garages on this page The Lidget Concrete Garages are on this page and the Capital Steel Garages are on this page. You will see that all these garages, which have been sold in the Northampton area for a great number of years, are not the 'cheap and nasty' garages available on some other web sites.

You can be confident of this as 1st Choice have been involved in the making and retailing of wooden garages and heavy duty workshops since 1979, OVER three decades, throughout Northampton. Quality has always come first and our garages are made using the best materials available. You may find our garages are just a little more expensive that the 'cheap' garages available elsewhere but you can be sure that our ethos that quality should always come first and that garage should NEVER be made down to a price to save a few pounds is a great policy to follow.

Our beliefs are important to us, and being a family firm, and believe in fair play. With two grandchildren now on the scene this makes is even more important that ever because the success of 1st Choice is tied up with their future.

With our domestic garage display site near Guildford in Surrey you can view our range of buildings and make an informed choice. At the moment we do not sell any wooden or timber garages, concrete garages or steel garages called the Northampton but, you never know, may in the future.